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We hope everyone has a great summer. We'll see you again in September!

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Saint of the Month

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga was a Jesuit novice who was faithful to prayer and taught catechism to children. He died at the age of 23 while caring for victims of the plague. He is the patron of Catholic youth, teenagers and of bodily purity. He once wrote, “He who wishes to love God does not truly love Him if he has not an ardent and constant desire to suffer for His sake.”

Symbols of Our Faith

The tabernacle is the small, ornate, locked cabinet on a wall or side-altar where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved. We know that the tabernacle is inhabited by the presence of veil and a constantly burning lamp. The tabernacle, which symbolizes the “tent” in which God dwells among us, is fixed in place as it contains the real presence of Christ who must be worshipped.

Prayer of the Month

Lord God, giver of all wisdom and grace, bless the students who have worked diligently to prepare for graduation. Guide and direct them as they go forth to encounter new opportunities and challenges in the world. As they continue to nurture their gifts, help them to stand up for their Christian beliefs and to further develop values and virtues that promote communities of fellowship and caring. May they always act with responsibility and practice integrity that they may be living witnesses of your word and instruments of your peace. Through Christ our Lord. Amen

Share Goodness

June is Indigenous Peoples Month in Canada. The Indigenous people of this territory have long histories with this land. They are diverse with rich, vibrant cultures. We have a shared responsibility to learn our shared history and make a path forward to grow together in a good way. For some ways that you can familiarize yourselves with Indigenous history, culture and traditions, please see the following page.